Ann LogueThis blog started after a request by my publisher to create a blog to promote my books, and it has become a place to explore money and culture, at home and abroad. I’d love to get your thoughts on the things I post, as I love a good conversation.

I came to writing backwards. I studied economics and finance in school, in part because I was fascinated by money and in part because it would lead to a lucrative job. I worked for 12 years as an investment analyst, picking up the Chartered Financial Analyst designation along the way. Now, I teach finance part time at the University of Illinois at Chicago; another part of the time, I write about business and money under my own name and for others; the remaining part of the time, I like to travel, read, and make attempts at photography. This is a compendium of that. There’s no specific theme here.

Check out my narrative biography, if you want something official about the official Ann Logue.

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