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Michelle Rafter, the proprietor of the blog WordCount, organizes a blogathon every year to encourage writers to get into the habit of blogging. I’m a reluctant blogger, but I’ve actually kept it up longer than I thought I would when I asked Ron Doyle to include a blog when he designed my website. I’ve made 29 posts since the site when live a year ago. I’m no Andrew Sullivan, but I get by. So far, this isn’t one of those too-many blogs that is abandoned after just a few posts.

That’s fine and all, but now I need to come up with 31 posts in May. Yikes! My goals for the blogathon are first, to get into the habit of posting more often, and second, to create more content on my site for readers to find when they are doing research on different topics.

This is the first post of 31. If you have any great ideas, send me a comment!