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calculatorI think a lot about what to do with this blog, just as I think a lot about what to do with work in general. There are fewer good opportunities for writers these days, and sometimes, it seems like there is nothing new to say. So what do I do? Like so many writers, I’m adrift.

Then there’s my family situation. We no longer have a mortgage, so our fixed costs are much lower than they were. Our kid leaves home in two years. But what will he do? Go to an expensive college? Form a band and couch surf for years? Something in between? It’s hard to tell, but some of the alternatives are more expensive than others. It’s a good kind of uncertainty, but it is uncertainty.

Personal finance bloggers fall into two main categories: those who write about getting out of debt and those who write about trying to retire early. There are a few of us miscellaneous types, but not many. My husband would lose his mind if he retired early, and I might, too. I have seen a lot of people retire and just sort of disappear into boredom. That’s not for me. Beyond that, increasing longevity means a long retirement – and that takes a lot of cash. But what do I do? And for how long?

On the other hand, my husband and I are reaching a point where we don’t need to make a lot of income. That’s different from being able to retire, but it is a nice place to be. We could mix things up, but how?

So I’m thinking through all of this, and open to any ideas you may have.