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Madagascar: Lords and Lemurs

Alison Jolly was an anthropologist who specialized in lemurs. This put her in a unique position to study the very different groups of people in Madagascar, forming the centerpiece of Lords and Lemurs: Mad Scientists, Kings With Spears, and the Survival of Diversity in...

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Mozambique: A Treacherous Paradise

A Treacherous Paradise is an unlikely book. Henning Mankell was a Swedish writer best known for the Wallander series of detective stories. He split is time between Sweden and Mozambique; another Swede who traveled there told Mankell that at some point in the late...

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A few interesting quizzes about money

While doing some miscellaneous web surfing, I came across the following interesting quizzes about money. You might find them interesting: Your risk of going into poverty. This is simple, yet depressing, based on risk factors for American families. Could you survive in...

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Zambia: The Red Bag

The next stop on my quest to learn at least a little bit about every country in Africa is Zambia. Formerly known as Northern Rhodesia, this former British colony has been independent since 1964 and is a functional democracy. It should be wealthier than it is, because...

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Getting Started in Investing

Rencently, someone asked me for thoughts about getting started in investing. That's such a huge topic! So big! But, hey, I’m going to try. You may have been thinking about investing and need a place to start. After all, it can get you a better return than a savings...

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Angola: Culture and Customs of Angola

Well, my project of learning at least a little about every country in Africa continues. It's been, what, almost three years now? And I'm up to Angola. This book, Culture and Customs of Angola (Cultures and Customs of the World) is an academic handbook, a basic...

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